Alaska_Southeast_Matney-310Chrome Chasers offers a unique opportunity to fish for wild, native steelhead in a remote setting. We guide on 9 different rivers and streams that each has a unique character. From mid-sized glacial rivers with broad runs and tailouts, to tiny, steep, rain fed creeks, the diversity of environments we fish allows us to provide each angler with a truly unique steelhead fishing experience.



Our native steelhead runs retain strong diversity. We encounter adult fish ranging from under 5 pounds to over 20 pounds, sometimes in the same pool. Our average fish run 8 to 12 pounds and often pack all the speed and power that an angler can handle – and then some! Many of our guests leave southeast Alaska with a new definition of “hot”, “chrome”, and “tackle buster”.



All of the streams and rivers that we fish are reached via the sea, travelling in our 33 ft. enclosed cabin boat, the Chrome Chaser. The streams have very limited access and are basically untouched. The remoteness is a big part of the experience for us, and we find that our guest often enjoy the travel and adventure getting to and from the fishing spots as much as they enjoy the fishing itself. That said, it’s hard to think about breaching grey whales, soaring bald eagles, and majestic mountain views when you’re connected to 10 pounds of dime bright fury fresh from the salt water.


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