Rick Matney

Rick grew up fly fishing in Northeastern Washington with his Dad and Grandfather. In 2000, he moved to Bozeman Montana for college where he earned a degree in Cell Biology. Working his way through school as a trout guide, he has now turned his passion into a career. Rick Guides for Montana Troutfitters in Bozeman and is on pro-staff with Echo Fly Rods, Airflo Fly Lines, and Hatch Reels. When trout season winds down in Montana, Rick turns his attention towards steelhead in the fall through spring months. Rick is a strong advocate for the conservation of wild steelhead and brings a unique energy to everything he does. Along with his expert knowledge of steelhead, Rick also doubles as gourmet chef. Rick is a licensed Coast Guard Captain and Guide.

guidepage_mike1Mike Matney

Mike found his love for fly fishing on the Kettle and Columbia Rivers of northerastern Washington. This passion led him to build his own lakes and start Three Lakes Fly Fishing in northeastern Washington. Mike spends most of his winters trapping in Alaska, Idaho, Washington and Montana. He probably spends more days in the wilderness than in civilization each year. He has aquired a lifetime of survival skills and experiences chasing his passion. Mike is also a licensed Coast Guard Captain and Guide.

jeff_guidepageJeff Matney

Jeff is the youngest of the family and probably the most adventurous. He has been working as a big game hunting guide in the Alaskan interior for the last 6 years for moose, caribou, sheep and bear as well as Colorado for deer and elk Jeff has honed his backcountry skills to keep guests comfortable and safe. He is a do it all kind of guy with a personality to match. Jeff is a licensed Coast Guard Captain and Guide and is also an excellent chef!

Jake Grzyb Guide PhotoJake Grzyb

Jake is an east coast transplant. He grew up on the shore of Long Island Sound where he began his work in the fishing industry at the age of 13 on commercial boats. After attending the University of Vermont, where he studied wildlife biology he moved to Bozeman, Montana and began guiding hunting and fishing. Jake and his wife Laura now own Bozeman Fishing Lodge, a small, boutique fishing lodge in southwest Montana. In addition to guiding trout in Montana and steelhead in Alaska, Jake has also guided saltwater fishing, upland bird hunting and big game hunting in Montana, Wyoming, Mississippi, Texas and Cape Cod since 2005. He is a USCG licensed Captain and licensed guide and outfitter. When Jake is not working in the field, he can be found hunting out west, on a flats skiff in the Gulf of Mexico or spending time with his wife, Laura and their three labs.

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