The fellas at Chrome Chasers provide such a unique experience in Alaska! Having grown up fishing for steelhead in Northern California, this was unlike anything I had ever done. Not only was the fishing superb, if one river was blown out or didn’t have fish in it, we were quickly able to make a change and check out another stream. Rick’s knowledge of the islands, rivers and ocean were top notch. From dropping shrimp and crab pots int he morning, to running up rivers in jet boats and hiking the most gorgeous rain forest you will ever see, the memories stick out vibrantly. The fish are not always easy, the wading and hiking can be strenuous, but it is well worth the effort for the rewards.
For anyone looking for adventure with more wildlife than people, I would highly recommend Chrome Chasers for your next trip!
Nick English

I have had the good fortune to fish for steelhead in this area for over 15 years and I didn't start out using Chrome Chasers, but I no longer use anybody else.  The time and effort they have put in, truly understanding these unique fish and their returns from the salt is impressive.  In fact, it is the only place I know of where you can actually watch steelhead arrive into the first freshwater pool of a river, with the high tide.  In fact, they are so fresh, they really have yet to even start to look like steelhead, as they are still "purple!"

If you truly want to experience the speed and power of truly fresh steelhead, then this is simply where and with whom you need to fish

Chris J. Francis

Rick, thanks for a great trip! I can’t begin to get all of my impressions down, even nearly a year after coming home. I think that any angler with an open mind that truly loves wild steelhead for not only what they are, but also where they live, and is interested in seeing those unique places that steelhead thrive, as well as learning new techniques to fish for them effectively, owes it to themselves to fish southeast Alaska with Chrome Chasers. My mind wandered to the summer run fish of my home waters in the Columbia Basin and the winter run fish of the bigger Oregon coastal rivers as I sat on shore and watched you and Nick dissect the technical drifts of the first pool above tidewater on Mystery River X. It was, and still is, incredible to think that steelhead are able to adapt to and thrive in so many unique places and that we as anglers can adapt our tackle and techniques to suit each environment. Fishing with Chrome Chasers was truly an eye opening experience for me. The fresh crab and shrimp at dinner each night wasn’t bad either!

Matt Klara
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